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Styders App to Activate The Lighting Around The Android Screen

The Steaders app is one of the new applications for customizing Android that will allow you to create the color border lighting around the screen and save the sequential colors to resume its operation later.

and in this context, the people in charge of the application indicated that this application can be used simply and quickly, and make the most of all the selected features, which will allow you to have A wide choice to be able to create something unique, and every feature in the application has been specially developed to ensure a smooth and immediate experience by exploiting the lowest possible amount of device and its performance which will keep it stable and not consuming its resources, and unfortunately the application is not free, but in our view it is worth trying.

The Styders application is characterized by its adaptation to phones that have a “slit”, where the application will recognize the shape and location of the slit, and the application will be able to set the speed of movement, the brightness of the edges, and the thickness of the radius of the upper and 
lower corners.

Also, the application will provide the ability to select and choose the background style and set the timer, which allows you to specify the exact time when you should start and stop the moving borders automatically, in addition to providing the application for various lighting effects in the settings and the ability to set the parameters of the set. When notification or headphones are received, when charging the device, etc.

The application is available free of charge and at a price of $ 1.10, provided that it does not include any internal purchases or even advertisements, and the application will work on the release of Android 6.0 or later.

Styders is a new app that gives you an elegant touch on your Android phone with moving and illuminating borders.

One of the main characteristics of the Android system is its support for quotas from A to Z. Therefore, we find hundreds or even thousands of applications that come in the field of Android customization, Styders is a new application in this field, and with it you will discover a world full of features, where thanks to the simple and intuitive design, you can use Styders Simply and quickly, making the most of all of its features, which will allow you to have a wide choice to be able to create something unique and define your style.

The app implementers indicated that they have developed every feature in it to ensure a smooth and immediate experience by taking advantage of the lowest possible amount of device and its performance, which will remain constant and irrelevant in spite of the moving background, for its part as well, the application provides the ability to create animated border color and save colors Series to resume playback later.

In this regard, the notch in some phones does not represent a problem with the application, since the latter will adapt to the shape and location of the notch, moreover, it is possible to adjust the movement speed, brightness of the edges, thickness and radius of the upper and lower corners, and there is a possibility to choose the background pattern and set the timer Which allows you to specify the exact time when the moving borders should be automatically turned on and off.

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