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Different Processes of Water Treatment

Different Processes of Water Treatment

We need clean, safe water in everyday living. it's vital for the community's well-being, hygiene and productivity.The process of treating water could slightly diverge at numerous places, counting on the technology of the plant that wants process. all the same, the principles square measure primarily a similar. the subsequent section can offer you an outline of the various commonplace water treatment processes.

Coagulation / activity

During the method of action, liquid metallic element sulphate or alum and/or compound is mixed with raw or untreated water. The mixture causes the little dirt particles within the water to stay to 1 another or coagulate. Then, these dirt particles kind teams that remain and kind flocs, larger heavier particles which will be removed simply by filtration or subsiding.


When the particles of water and flocs undergo the treatment method, they flow into the geological phenomenon basins. Here the water runs slowly, belongings the significant stuff particles settle to all-time low. stuff that accumulates on all-time low of the basin is understood as sludge, that is channeled to drying lagoons. Direct Filtration doesn't embody the geological phenomenon step, and filtration is that the solely method by that the stuff is removed.


Water passes through a filter supposed for removing particles within the water. The filters comprise layers of gravel and sand and, at times, crushed anthracite coal. Filtration gathers the suspended impurities within the water, then any enhances the potency of medical care. The filters square measure clean on an everyday basis thorough backwashing.


Before water moves into the distribution system, it's disinfected to form positive that disease-causing bacterium, parasites and viruses square measure destroyed. gas is applied as a result of it an excellent disinfectant, and therefore the remaining concentrations will be maintained to shield from probable biological contamination within the distribution of water.

Sludge Drying

Solids collected then settled outside the water via filtration and geological phenomenon square measure piped to drying lagoons.


This is the treatment of community water geared toward adjusting free halide particle concentration to the optimum level enough to reduce decay. it's a demand for Hunter Water to treat water in compliance with the office addition of Public Water provides Act 1957.

pH Correction
Lime is mixed with filtered water so as to regulate the pH scale level and stabilize the naturally water so corrosion within the distribution system and the customers' plumbing are going to be reduced.