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Immigration to Norway through a tourist visa

Immigration to Norway through a tourist visa

With regard to immigration to Norway, the way to Norway is a tourist visa in the foreground and is granted by the Norwegian Embassy in your country or country where you currently reside.

When we told the Norwegian Embassy, ​​we did not say that in vain. The reason for obtaining the visa from the Norwegian Embassy is because of the fingerprint.

If the person received the visa from the Norwegian embassy and then went to Norway and applied for asylum to Norway upon arrival,

If a person is thinking of resorting to Norway in the wrong way, such as having a visa issued by an embassy other than Norway,

then going to Norway and submitting a legal application, Norway will return it to the signatory state.

Norwegian Tourist Visa Requirements:

1. A valid passport preferably valid for one year before its expiry, since the passport must be valid after obtaining the visa for three months.

2. Provide proof that you have enough money for life and residence upon arrival in Norway.

3. If you are granted a Visa Norway, you will be asked for health insurance to travel and travel in all Schengen countries,

and after you issue the health insurance policy,

it will be highlighted when you issue the Visa Norway.

These are the basic documents for traveling to Norway on a tourist visa.

You can check the rest of the requirements via the Norwegian Immigration Bureau website or check with the Norwegian Embassy in your country and see the rest of the requirements for your country because the visa requirements vary from country to country.

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Here are some tips you may find interesting about Norway:

Norway is one of the countries on the European continent, officially known as the Kingdom of Norway. Its traditional name is Norijer.

It is also called Northvigia.

The name Nordwijg, with its capital is Oslo, is administratively divided into five strategic regions and regions.

It is divided into nineteen provinces, and its system of government is monarchical

Geography of Norway

It has a land area of ​​178.385 km² and is geographically located on the northern side of Europe. It is bordered to the east by Russia, Sweden and Finland,

to the north by the west and south of Skagirak, the North Sea, the Sea of ​​Norway and the Barents Sea.

Its climate is characterized by diversity and cold climate. , The tropical tundra climate between polar climate

♦ The population of Norway

According to 2013 estimates, the population was 700,136.5, with a population density of 15.5 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The population speaks the Norwegian language,

which is an official language in the country, as well as many recognized local languages ​​such as Sami, Kefin, Sami , And Sami North.

Its population consists of a group of races, such as Norwegians, Roma, Finns of Forests, Protestants, Kenyans, and Sami.

Most of its population is Christian, Hindu, Catholic, Orthodox and Christian. , Islamic religion, and Buddhist religion.

♦ Economy of Norway

Its economy depends on:

the mixed economy, which consists of a capitalist economy on the state's ownership of many major sectors,

the free market, the resource sector, natural water, natural resources such as forests, minerals, oil, Norway exports gas, oil and fish.



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