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How to save electricity

What does the word "electricity consumption" mean?

Word frequently used by media outlets, school radio and others.
In addition, on many satellite channels that you rationalize and reduce the consumption of electricity, which done by not running all household appliances at the same time
Lock the power switches in places where no one is sitting, and do not turn on the TV and computer at once
Because there are many people running all the appliances at the same, time to charge electronic devices with each other also
Resulting in the consumption of a lot of electricity
Electricity bills become very expensive. However, it is more expensive than high-cost electricity bills

How to save electricity How

Which that the person must be cooperative and not selfish, and makes everyone benefit from the electricity card, such as what is useful, so that the state does not patrol the electricity to separate in each region because the energy used for electricity is very high

How to save electricity

Therefore, man has to operate and consume basic household appliances, or work machines and be fully aware that we must be dealing with electricity that has the capacity and limits may implemented at any time
The most important ways to rationalize electricity
Lock lights in places where no one is present. Do not light the lights in the morning, to take full advantage of sunlight. Place the cooling device at medium or low temperature, so as not to consume too much electricity

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Close the refrigerator door tightly, so as not to consume too much electricity. Run air fans in places and rooms where there are a large number of people and for several hours only. Close the curtains and windows in warmer climates, making the ambience mild and cool
Separation of electricity from the electric heater in case of non-use and all electrical appliances not used
Stay away from the use of lights and heat lamps, and replace them with lamps and lighting allocated to provide electricity and rational use