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All you need to know about natural gas

All you need to know about natural gas

All you need to know about natural gas

Natural gas

Natural gas is one of the most important resources and sources of fossil energy. It consists of a number of gases and residues of living organisms that have dissolved in the oceans.
They have subjected to pressure and heat,
which have lasted for thousands of years and characterized by their low cost, ease of extraction and high efficiency.
Natural gas is a clean alternative to coal, and is now a very important,
if not the most important, source worldwide

Natural gas components

Natural gas consists of three main hydrocarbon gases: methane, which accounts for the largest proportion of gas weight by up to 70 percent.
Ethane is one to ten percent of the weight of natural gas
Propane is a small percentage of the weight of natural gas

Extract natural gas

There are natural gas in the depths of a thousand to six thousand under the ground or ocean, and are extracted by wells that look like oil wells to a large extent
and is widespread in areas away from the coast in particular, and companies are loading natural gas extracted from platforms Known as production platforms by pipelines,
then assembled on the coast, and finally refined in refineries and refineries

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Uses Natural gas

Natural gas has many benefits; it also used in several fields, including:
Air Conditioning
Heat the water
Cement industry
Desalination of sea and ocean water
Car spare parts
Recording bars
Insulation Materials
Soap, detergent and cleaning materials
Enter into garment industry and textile industries
Based on various petrochemical industries
Separate oil components, and then get Solar, Benzene, gas and others
Used in power plants and electricity by burning natural gas and taking advantage of heat from burning
It is worth mentioning that the state's possession of natural gas gives it an economic power through the profits it enters,
which leads to the state's recovery and progress

 Which reflected in various aspects of life?

In addition to the operation of many labors,
so that the benefit is common to the individual and the state, other energy
Which is described as unclean and destroys the environment, is also concerned about the safety of other sources
Unlike natural gas, which many prefer because of the safety of its uses