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Mazda Trademarks MX-6, brand Will It Utilize It

Mazda Trademarks MX-6, brand Will It Utilize It

Mazda Trademarks MX-6

We were very baffled to hear Mazda has no plans to bring a hot bring forth or another revolving controlled games vehicle to the market,'
however there may be a valid justification for that Rather
if an ongoing patent recording is anything to pass by,
we could see a MX-badged roadster in the years to come.
The automaker documented a trademark application with the Japanese Patent Office for the Mazda MX-6 nameplate which can be utilized for
"cars and parts and extras thereof.
" The trademark was filled on October 16 this year and was drawn out into the open by
While a solitary trademark application doesn't really mean another games vehicle is en route,
it's somewhere around an insight such a move could occur.
Mazda needs a response to the new age of games vehicles from Japanese and European makers,

  •  mazda cx-5 (automobile model)

  • and a MX-6 restoration could be only that.

One thing is without a doubt –
it won't be a turning fueled vehicle, as this was precluded by the organization through the voice of its new worldwide supervisor
, Akira Marumoto.
He additionally affirmed Mazda has no plans for an electric games vehicle, so that is impossible, as well.

[caption id="attachment_5924" align="aligncenter" width="617"]Mazda Trademarks MX-6 Mazda Trademarks MX-6[/caption]

What we might want to see and will keep our fingers crossed for is a MX-6-badged two-entryway sports vehicle enlivened by the RX-Vision Idea
(envisioned in the display beneath) and fueled by a conventional inner burning motor.
We realize the firm stays resolved to Frosts as it doesn't trust electric vehicles are an all inclusive option.
Source: Japanese Patent Office via