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How to use the coolest new features in iOS 12

How to use the coolest new features in iOS 12

Finally, iOS 12 is here, conveying a cluster of new highlights to tinker with. Most (if not all) of these highlights aren't precisely earth-shaking,
to some degree since Apple spent quite a bit of its advancement procedure tidying up the
surrey wreckage of iOS 11 and transforming its continuation into something deserving of the Apple name.
Actually, numerous as of now exist on contending working frameworks in some shape or another.
Yet, that doesn't imply that they're dreadful or valuable,
nor does it imply that they're not welcome.
We here at Macworld have spent the most recent a while tinkering with these new alternatives in the iOS 12 beta,
and over that time a couple have developed as our top picks.
When you become acclimated to them,
iOS 11 feels old and wasteful by correlation.
In festivity of iOS 12's discharge,
we've aggregated their related how-tos into one helpful article so you'll currently how to get the most out of them from the very beginning.

How to use Screen Time to limit app use


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Worries about cell phone habit have warmed up over the most recent few years, and Apple is doing its part to help control it with the presentation of Screen Time.
It's a helpful component that demonstrates to you a day by day or week by week report itemizing how you or your kids have utilized your iPhones,
and it gives you a ton of opportunity to confine iPhone use at specific hours,
restrain applications in particular classes to a hour or two every day,
or even counteract access to adults-only substance on the iTunes Store.
Luckily, it's truly natural, as well.
Here's the means by which to utilize Screen Time in iOS 12 and how it looks at to Android's Advanced Prosperity.

How to use the updated Voice Memos app

With iOS 12, the Voice Memos app manages to pack in several new features without sacrificing its intuitive simplicity.
You can still just start recording a memo,
fortunately, but now you can also replace sounds,
insert new sounds in the middle of a file,ios 12 gold master,ios 12 release date,
and easily crop files. Even better, you can also easily important Voice Memos to GarageBand.
We explain how to use the updated Voice Memos app here.

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