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Cars are mechanical vehicles that are made up of a combination of mechanical parts that act in a consistent manner. This drives the car, which is a very important means of transportation in our time, and cars are divided into several sections. There are small private cars that people have to go to work Or traveling with the family, there are large buses used to transport passengers, and trucks used to transport goods, and we will inform you in this article on the history of cars, Conniot car and electric cars

History of cars

The first modern car was invented by Karl Benz in Germany, and was powered by the gasoline engine Otto, which was in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five, and Carl Benz patented his invention on January 29 in the year of a thousand and eight hundred and eighty-six in Germany In Mannheim, and despite the return of credit in the invention of this car, but there were attempts to build cars in the same period by many engineers, where Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach patented the first motorcycle, and in a thousand and eight hundred and seventy collection German inventor of Austria (Segfury Marcus) motorized rickshaw, but it did not go beyond the pilot phas

.Conniot is a steam car

invented by Nicolas Connieut in 1964, one of the first cars in history. Connieut was a French army engineer and invented it for the purpose of hauling heavy military equipment, especially guns, consisting of only three wheels, The two-cylinder engine is attached to the front wheel by an unmanned disk drive. The speed of the vehicle is four kilometers per hour. The faults are difficult due to the weight of the kettle and the car in general. Review, the original car and found inside the National Museum of Industry and Arts in Paris, France

Electric cars

The first electric car was invented in the year of eighteen thousand and thirty-two, and the existence of internal combustion engines seventy years, and was able to outperform the internal combustion engine in terms of low engine sound, and then overtook the internal combustion vehicle after that as a result of being developed to be able to travel long distances , As a result of the low weight of the amount of fuel for the weight of the battery for reasonable distances, and there are a number of cars made in the year 2000 AD was able to travel distances at two hundred and ten kilometers per hour, and another ability to walk a distance of four hundred kilometers, Trial can not be used normally, they are expensive and heavy battery, as they need to charge for eight hours..