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The car is one of the known means of transportation. It is a mechanical vehicle consisting of a group of mechanical parts that work together in a consistent manner to move it from one place to another on land.

It is considered one of the most popular means of transportation in this age. Cars are divided into several types: private cars, which are means of personal transport from place to place, are licensed for this purpose, and can not be used for public transport purposes according to international traffic laws.

The first to make a model of a motor vehicle was Nicolas Cuneo, in the early 18th century, in 1977.  The number of vehicles in the year of two thousand and two are five hundred and ninety million private cars, of which about one hundred and forty million cars in the United States alone at the time, meaning that there was a car for every two persons in America at the time.

Types of cars in the world

 Cars are divided into several types:

Biodiesel cars: This type of vehicle is used to transport goods, solids, and liquids.

Alcoholic cars: Used with these types of cars ethanol alcohol, There are also some types of cars that operate using several types of fuel oil, in addition to gasoline, and this increases their operational efficiency.

Natural Gas Cars: This type of vehicle is almost identical to the operation and operation of vehicles powered by bio-diesel. The engines of these vehicles are designed to operate on gas, which is less harmful than oil-fueled vehicles, this is because gas combustion produces only 25 percent of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a diesel or gasoline car.

Liquefied petroleum gas Cars: Liquefied petroleum such as propane, butane, and butane. These gases are converted into liquid once exposed to light pressure; These liquefied gases can be used in gasoline-powered vehicles, because the design of fuel tanks in them allows the ideal combustion of gas, without affecting the inventory of gasoline.

Electric cars: The first electric car was manufactured in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, This has produced a real revolution in the automotive industry.