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Collecting banks from individuals and new controls

In the recent shipment appeared complaints from customers of individual banks borrowers about the change of deduction, so for the category received the financing of the variable interest system. SAMA has obliged banks to address cases from filing


complaints or requests to change a funded coalition by terminating the status of the agreement for presentation and to favor the cost of the visa. Post-treatment research? However, it is important that individuals familiarize themselves with the terms of the


loan agreements and inquire about any items that may change the payment amount. It is important that each customer knows his rights and where he goes in case he has any problem that will affect his commitment to repay his loans. Social responsibility for work, group work, teamwork, etc. U adhered to .................................. This means that

Collecting banks from individuals and new controlseach borrower whose financial circumstances and obligations settle his debts to reduce the size of monthly installments, and redistribute them for periods of time appropriate for their development, The case was at variable cost. The controls also included a very important thing that every borrower should see: "Banks and banks are not allowed to make any amount from customer accounts, or to hold accounts or customer balances. As far as the harm in the preceding paragraph is concerned, he must submit a

complaint to the institution. The Monetary Corporation is a supervisory body that is responsible for the financial sector of banks, insurance companies and insurance companies, as well as its primary role in monetary policy. It has a special management for customer service and protection. It is important that every breach of its agreement with any of the sectors Supervised by the institution, or if its financial circumstances change to affect your commitment alone.