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Audio Manager App to Hide Photos And Files For Android

Privacy is a big thing that all users of Android smart devices search for, especially if the device is used by someone else.

Many tools will help you in obtaining your privacy while using your phone or if it occurs in the hands of the wrong people, whether these features are within the system or through external applications.

This application is the Audio Manager, the most famous application that is concerned with this matter, it is an audio manager program to hide files, and although its name does not suggest that, the audio manager application is originally to hide files on Android What is this name except to draw the attention of the intruder, as the full name of the application Includes in brackets "Hide It Pro", which indirectly means hiding files, pictures and videos.

Audio Manager app helps you to hide pictures, files, applications and videos in addition to a number of additional features.

Audio Manager features
The ability to hide pictures, files and videos.
Icon and interface as an audio interface for intruders not to suspect.
Hide music and video files in specific folders.
The possibility of saving within Google Drive.
Hide the application from the list of programs.
A password in order to run the application before using it.
256-bit AES application encryption.
Private hidden browser.

Hidden messages and calls.

After downloading an application, you can hide your files with complete security and privacy in your phone, as this application works as a store of secrets through which you can hide your photos that you do not want anyone to see.

After long pressing on a higher icon, you encounter the application, a new page appears to set the application password, and there you can hide all kinds of your files, pictures and videos, as well as you can hide all your messages and browse the sites with all privacy. You can also hide the audio clips and your daily notes.

One of the most popular applications on Android is this program for hiding pictures, videos and files, and audio manager. It helps you to hide pictures, files, applications and videos in addition to a number of other additional benefits that you can benefit from for free after downloading this wonderful program.

Information about the file hide program:
Name: audio manager.
Application size: 6.2m.
Installations: more than 10 million.
Current version: 6.2.
It works on: Android 4.1.
Developer: ANUJ TENANI.

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Using Artificial intelligence To Enrich Digital Maps

Artificial Intelligence
 Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT have created a new model for enriching digital maps called RoadTagger that uses satellite imagery to define road features in digital maps, which may help improve GPS navigation, and the model is explained in a paper presented at the Advancement Association conference With artificial intelligence.

It is worth noting that artificial intelligence is said to be that maps are usually created all the time by means of the global positioning system (GPS) and that is by major companies such as Google, the global company known and specialized in this field alone, which sends vehicles equipped with cameras roaming within the neighborhoods to capture video Images of area roads, but this process is very expensive, and keeping these maps up to date takes a long time.

Artificial Intelligence
 According to the high costs, some parts of the world are ignored, and only basic GPS data appears there, and one of the solutions to these challenges is to find a machine education model linked to satellite images, which is easy to obtain and update regularly to the extent What, in order to automatically define road features.

Artificial intelligence
 But the problem is that satellite imagery of roads is often mysterious because of things like trees and buildings, which makes things more difficult for the machine learning component, and that's where the new MIT innovation comes in.

Artificial Intelligence 
The new model uses a mixture of neural network structure to automatically predict the number of lanes and types of roads (residential or expressway) behind obstacles, and the model in tests within isolated methods has been able to calculate lane numbers with accuracy of up to 77 percent, and it can deduce types of roads (residential or Rapid) with an accuracy of 93 percent.

Artificial intelligence
 is noteworthy that researchers are planning to enable RoadTagger to predict other features in many areas that are appropriate for everyone around the world, such as parking spaces and bike lanes through Google Maps, and researchers hope that maps will be used one day to help humans to Quickly validate continuous road adjustments with maps.

Artificial intelligence:
 Sam Madden, co-author and professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science EECS and researcher in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) said: Most of the updated digital maps are for places that big companies care about, and if you are in places that they don't care much about, you are in A disadvantage regarding the quality of the map.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has only one goal and is to complete the process of creating high-quality digital maps to suit the unusual development currently in all parts of the world, so that they are available in any country.

Memorigi Application To Organize and Plan your Daily Life

Memorigi is an app that lets you increase your productivity with a to-do list, activity planner, reminders and more.

Before starting to introduce the application, I mention to you that it is not new, but for its importance we have put it here, and with regard to introducing it, it is an application that enables you to organize and plan your daily life, whether it is organizational or important management, since Memorigi instills positive habits to take responsibility and transform your life for the better, The app comes with a task planner, not to mention the calendar tool, reminder options, and much more that I invite to discover on your own.

Follow up on everything important and useful in the world of applications, with us to this day one of the applications recently on the Google Play Store, which is Memorigi application that allows you to create simple lists of activities and short and long-term goals, for example frequent schedules of activities such as weekly meetings, and activities that Every hour occurs a certain number of times, with reminders set based on the location with the ability to customize across colors, symbols and tones in order to better organize.

The app also comes with more powerful and useful tools, noting that all of the following requires an in-app purchase, including statistic and targeted feature to track progress, the ability to share collaborative activities with up to 20 people, as well as download relevant file attachments with activities .

Not only that, as there is a feature to sync data right now on multiple devices, the ability to read text aloud, the automatic planning process based on weather and much more.

Finally, the Memorigi app is available for free download on Android, and as we mentioned earlier, the app includes an optional purchase to unlock the above features, and it is sufficient to take advantage of the application that your Android device is running version 5.0 and later.

Future Apple devices may be completely free of passwords

 Access to the online services still requires the use of the user name and password. However, thanks to consecutive hacks and database leaks, these login methods are no longer as secure as before, and many companies are looking for alternatives.
Regarding Apple, the company appears to be heading towards a password-free future as it formally joined Fido Alliance this week to become a member of the Alliance Board of Directors, and is added to a list of other prominent technology companies that include Facebook, ARM, Amazon, Google and Intel, Microsoft and Samsung.
In the event that you do not hear about Fido Alliance, it is an alliance that aims to eliminate the need to use passwords with reliable devices. This is similar to what companies like Google did, providing the Google Titan Secure USB Key, which confirms the user’s identity while logging in to sites and services that support it.
This means that passwords will not be required because all you need is a reliable device such as secure USB keys or even your smartphone. This will make users less vulnerable to phishing scams or emails as there is no need for users to enter passwords, which means their passwords can no longer be stolen.
It is unclear how Apple plans to include this technology in its future devices, so we will have to wait until the picture becomes clearer in the future.
Many companies tend to adopt a curved design in a screen in upcoming devices, and Apple has 

submitted a new patent for the design of the Mac desktop computer that comes with a curved screen.

The patent design of the Mac is based on a curved screen, which includes the device's configurations at the back, and the curvature on the screen can support the installation of a keyboard in the middle.
Apple has many attempts to design upcoming devices for the company, with some of them only moving to the implementation phase, while others remain an idea that reveals a new vision for Apple.
One of the unconventional designs from Apple, this new design that was filed by Apple in the patent, is striking, as it focuses on the idea of ​​one screen curved at the end, and the curved part of the screen mediates a slot that supports the installation of a keyboard in the middle.
Patent fees also indicate the ability to adjust the curvature of the screen or fold and close the system completely, also expectations indicate that this design targets laptop computers.
It is noteworthy that the emergence of patent files does not confirm that this design will move to the implementation stage on the ground soon, but it is a new, unconventional vision for the future of Apple Mac design.

Beta Maniac Application for Managing beta Program Subscriptions

The new Beta Maniac application allows you to periodically scan beta programs for "beta" applications that you have previously installed, so it sends you a notification when a limited number trial program is available, and you can subscribe to this beta program by clicking on the notification that arrives to you, and with the application you can also Manage your subscription to beta programs directly, and even filter lists according to your desire, all in a free downloadable application.

The process of developing any application or game always passes through several stages and several copies. As for copies, there are 3 common types, which are “Alpha” and Beta and stable version. For the copy, alpha is usually not provided to users for use because it often carries a lot of Errors and problems, while the beta version is provided for use with some warning of possible errors.

While the stable version is the one that is officially provided for general use without problems, of course when issuing the beta version for any application or game, the latter will have new features that are not present in the stable version, so you will find lovers of exploration and amateurs try new features before everyone, You find them always share the beta copies provided by companies for Android applications, as this subscription is made directly from the application page on the Google 
Play Store.

But sometimes there are companies that open the door to joining beta copies for a limited number of people, in this case in order to win this selection you must always check the application page, and to avoid this boring repetition you can in turn use the Beta Maniac application, this unique application is the focus of an article Today, follow up with me to learn about its features and how to operate it.

Beta Maniac application is a free program for Android phones dedicated to beta copy lovers who want to try new features before everyone else, where you can get a notification when a beta version is available for any application in your phone, and it is very useful to reserve a seat as a subscriber to the beta version provided by companies in a limited manner The number is like WhatsApp and Linkedin, on the other hand, you will be able to subscribe to the beta versions available for any application installed in your phone with ease without having to go to the Google Play Store for applications.

Beta Maniac is an app that allows you to better manage beta software “beta” subscriptions, especially those with limited numbers of subscribers.

After we got to know the definition of the abbreviated Beta Maniac application, and what its task is, we enter directly into the rest of the details, as this tool provides you with the ability to perform periodic periodic surveys of beta programs for applications installed on your smartphone, and then send a notification when a closed beta program is available again , Or when the version is edited to accommodate more users, and to subscribe to the trial you only need to touch the notification.

For its part, the scanning or automatic scanning can be customized every 15 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 4 hours, or 8 hours, provided that the scanning procedure is guaranteed when the device is active, while in the case of energy saving, the scan is performed or not when he wakes up The system according to the specified time interval.

Styders App to Activate The Lighting Around The Android Screen

The Steaders app is one of the new applications for customizing Android that will allow you to create the color border lighting around the screen and save the sequential colors to resume its operation later.

and in this context, the people in charge of the application indicated that this application can be used simply and quickly, and make the most of all the selected features, which will allow you to have A wide choice to be able to create something unique, and every feature in the application has been specially developed to ensure a smooth and immediate experience by exploiting the lowest possible amount of device and its performance which will keep it stable and not consuming its resources, and unfortunately the application is not free, but in our view it is worth trying.

The Styders application is characterized by its adaptation to phones that have a “slit”, where the application will recognize the shape and location of the slit, and the application will be able to set the speed of movement, the brightness of the edges, and the thickness of the radius of the upper and 
lower corners.

Also, the application will provide the ability to select and choose the background style and set the timer, which allows you to specify the exact time when you should start and stop the moving borders automatically, in addition to providing the application for various lighting effects in the settings and the ability to set the parameters of the set. When notification or headphones are received, when charging the device, etc.

The application is available free of charge and at a price of $ 1.10, provided that it does not include any internal purchases or even advertisements, and the application will work on the release of Android 6.0 or later.

Styders is a new app that gives you an elegant touch on your Android phone with moving and illuminating borders.

One of the main characteristics of the Android system is its support for quotas from A to Z. Therefore, we find hundreds or even thousands of applications that come in the field of Android customization, Styders is a new application in this field, and with it you will discover a world full of features, where thanks to the simple and intuitive design, you can use Styders Simply and quickly, making the most of all of its features, which will allow you to have a wide choice to be able to create something unique and define your style.

The app implementers indicated that they have developed every feature in it to ensure a smooth and immediate experience by taking advantage of the lowest possible amount of device and its performance, which will remain constant and irrelevant in spite of the moving background, for its part as well, the application provides the ability to create animated border color and save colors Series to resume playback later.

In this regard, the notch in some phones does not represent a problem with the application, since the latter will adapt to the shape and location of the notch, moreover, it is possible to adjust the movement speed, brightness of the edges, thickness and radius of the upper and lower corners, and there is a possibility to choose the background pattern and set the timer Which allows you to specify the exact time when the moving borders should be automatically turned on and off.

Best smartphones to buy in 2020

Here is our guide to buy the best smartphones in 2020!

 Since the image sensor is now one

 of the main criteria for choosing 

when buying a smartphone, if not the most important one

 today we offer a selection of the best smartphones

 on the market in terms of image quality.

When users are asked about the most important features of their mobile device, 
there are two things at the forefront

: battery independence, but also and above all the potential in photography.

Smartphones have become so amazing in photography that they capture every little detail

. If you are obsessed with photography, here are the best smartphones you can buy in 2020 to satisfy your desires.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus phone specifications:

Screen size: 6.8 inches OLED width 3040 x 1440 pixels

CPU: Snapdragon 855


Storage: 256GB, 512GB / expandable

Cameras: 16-megapixel ultra-wide (F / 2.2), 12-megapixel (F / 1.5, F / 2.4), 12-megapixel (F / 2.1) /

 front 10-megapixel zoom lens.

Weight: 7.1 oz / 201 g.

Battery life: 11 hours and 46 minutes average use.

As usual with its main devices, Samsung offers its smartphones equipped with the best screen in the market,

 and this has been confirmed further here on the phone + Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

 Another feature that is greatly appreciated by users is the camera, which is proud to provid

e excellent quality of images and stands for Equal to what Huawei has to offer with its P30 Pro.

The rear camera consists of four units:

Super wide-angle lens: 16 MP (1 (m); 12mm F / 2.2 lens

Wide-angle lens: 12-megapixel sensor (size 1/2, 55 inches); 1.4 micron optical images; 27mm F / 

1.5 and F / 2.4 lens with optical stabilization, autofocus and autofocus

2x telephoto lens: 12-megapixel sensor (1/3, 6 ”” Photosites 1 M); 52mm F / 2.1 lens with optical stabilization

Depth Recognition Lens: ToF VGA Sensor.

Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL specifications:

6.3-inch OLED phone screen with a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels and QHD + quality.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa Core processor.

The weight of the phone is 193 grams, with dimensions of 160.4 x 75.1 x 8.2.

It is distinctive that the storage space for this phone is 64 GB and also 128 GB with 6 GB RAM.

Dual back camera, the first comes with 12.2 megapixels with F / 1.7 lens slot,

 and the second comes with 16 megapixels with F / 2.4 lens slot

3700 mAh lithium polymer battery supports 18W fast charging.

Google Pixel 4 XL has a dual image sensor on the back.

 The main unit produces 16-megapixel images (Of / 2.4 aperture, 1

 Pixel  m pixel width), while the second, which functions as a telephoto lens, provides a 12.2-megapixel

 definition (ئ‘ / 1 aperture, 7 pixels width of 1.4 miker 

m). The image sensor takes breathtaking shots thanks to artificial intelligenc

e and element recognition, a technology that Google has masterfully mastered.

Wide-angle photography enthusiasts will be a little disappointed, Google's smartphone does 

not have a dedicated sensor for that. The predecessor front camera was equipped with one sensor,

 while the Pixel 3 XL had two, which was one of the main differences compared to the Pixel 3.

 This individual selfie sensor has an 8 MP definition (2.0 / 2.0 aperture and 1.22 m width) Pixels).

Huawei P30 Pro phone

Huawei P30 Pro phone specifications:

6.47-inch screen with Full HD + resolution.

40-megapixel camera with three sensors.

Live memory 8 GB.

4200 mAh battery.

Operating system Android 9.0.

Huawei P30 Pro is the first smartphone from the brand with a quad-lens camera designed

 jointly with Leica. Three of them take the same picture and are grouped together. Fourth, ToF

, locates the people in the scene to be photographed, and the flash is located a few millimeters to the right of the other three.

The main unit has a 40MP sensor plus a 27mm F / 1.6 fixed lens. The ultra-wide-angle unit

 consists of a 20MP sensor and a 16mm F / 2.2 lens. Finally, the third device has an

 8MP sensor plus 25-125mm F / 3.4 fixed optical zoom.

Audio Manager App to Hide Photos And Files For Android

Privacy is a big thing that all users of Android smart devices search for, especially if the device is used by someone else. Many...